The wanderers are battered by the trivial matter

Han and Xiaomou when eating quarrel
Wandering Beijing 30 years of 63-year-old Han (see photo), because of drinking with another tramp quarrel, after the knife will be tied to each other. Recently, Han was charged with intentional homicide in the city two hospital for trial. Years of wandering in Beijing, 63-year-old Hanmou had trouble because of wine, disrupting public order, beaten others were three administrative detention. He divorced his wife after many years ago to leave the home of the Northeast, to Beijing wandering for 30 years. For a long time not to contact with his family, his family thought he was missing, his family also found his account information. It is reported that Han has carried bags in the Beijing West Railway Station, a few years ago after suffering from asthma, in the vicinity of Dongdan stadium to help people selling water, nicknamed "old asthma." He did not have a fixed residence in Beijing, lying on the roadside steps in the evening, 49-year-old victim Xiaomou shelter in a city management brigade side of the steps, the two separated by more than 20 meters. October 19 at 6 pm last year, Hanmou in Dongcheng District, Suzhou Hutong, drunk because of trivia and Xiao Mou dispute, after the knife sharp slap Shaw's neck, left armpit and other parts of a few knives, causing Xiao a death The While he was sleeping, he always scolded me, I thought out of breath, did not expect to stop him several knife died! "Court, Han said he and Xiaomou old meet, but did not speak. The day of the incident, a friend asked him and Xiaomou to eat, three people drink two bottles of white wine and a bottle of beer. On the table, Xiao said that he can drink, squeeze him is not able to drink bronchitis, the two quarrel, dinner ahead of the end. Back to the shelter of the alley, Hanmou more and more angry, see Shaw lying on the ground to kick him on the kick, Xiaomou scolded him. Han said that he was afraid of playing Xiaomou left, wanted to find a stick in the vicinity of the garbage, but did not find, after picking up a fruit knife, so once again to find Xiaomou. "He got up and wanted to pinch my neck, I took a knife and messed up a pass, did not pay attention to where the bar, tie a knife." After the barren, Han with a quilt covered with Xiaomou after leaving, Near the stadium was arrested by the police. Victims of the family to pay compensation trial day, Xiao Mou 80-year-old father and sister in court, asked to "kill life" and made 53 million yuan compensation. Xiao Mou's father, Xiao Mou more than 10 years ago divorced, there is a daughter. He last April from the hometown of northeast to work in Harbin, has not been and family contact. Home until mid-October last year to know that he was in Beijing, to his card hit 300 yuan, so he quickly go home. "Xiaomou's family also said that Xiaomou nearly 1 meter 80, Han body weak, only in Xiaomou asleep when it will be the same time, he did not worry, did not expect a few days to be killed. Dying. Prosecutor pointed out that Han and Xiao a meal when the quarrel, Xiao Mou has returned to sleep at home. Hanmou find the tools to find Xiaomou, making the contradictions to upgrade, in the absence of physical contact with the case directly to the victim's fatal site, are intentional homicide. The victim is not at fault. The case will be sentenced to date. Beijing Morning News reporter Yan Fei and photo

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