Trump suspected of cheating: claim 17 million US dollars for its own

Trump is located in the Maya Beach in Florida's Palm Beach in 2005 damaged in the hurricane
The survey said the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in 2005 to hurricane damage to the property claims 17 million US dollars, but the actual loss may be much lower than this. Trump admitted that part of the funds "for their own", but declined to disclose the amount. Suspected of false loss loss Associated Press reported on the 25th, Trump located in Palm Beach, Florida, the club will be damaged in 2005 hurricane, claims 17 million US dollars. However, the Associated Press combed the maintenance of documents and other public files, did not find evidence that the property suffered so much loss. When someone questioned, Trump said he could not remember how much maintenance costs had been spent, but admitted that some of the proceeds from the claim were transferred to the "personal account". After two years of getting insurance, Trump talked about the damage suffered by the property in a series of hurricanes: "Scene, roof, wall, paint, leak, artwork, tapestry, tile, Spanish roof Tile, beach, erosion ... ... to now not repaired as it is. "However, Trump declined to disclose the insurance and housing damage more details. In many of the members of the club, as well as Trump's friends and relatives, the damage to this property is not so bad. Trump's former steward Anthony Senecar recalls that after the hurricane of the "Wilma", the large trees behind the house of the Majialo House were blown down, but the house itself was only blown away from some tiles. "The house was never seriously damaged," said Senecar, "during a series of hurricane attacks (2004 to 2005)," I have been working here. "" Wilma "hurricane hit two weeks later, Prime son Little Donald Trump held a wedding at the club in Ma'ala, hosting 370 guests. From the United States well-known picture company "Gaidi image" shooting wedding scene photos, clearly visible house, swimming pool, beach cabin and other good condition. There is no overhaul record Palm Beach construction department official Tim Tim Frank estimates, according to Trump claims 17 million US dollars, this property maintenance scale at least dozens of workers. However, the local housing construction sector archives show that Trump has never applied for such a scale of maintenance operations. Palm Beach Construction Department in 2005 issued the only license to the club company, involving a total of 3,000 US dollars of outdoor lighting maintenance and beach swimming pool sand cleaning operations. In addition, the City Landmarks and Protection Committee did not have a record of maintenance applications for the Ma'Arao Club. The Associated Press analysis, such a large-scale maintenance operations, just to the construction sector to apply for construction permits costs may be as high as 450,000 US dollars, so do not rule out the construction workers "quietly" work for Trump to avoid payment , But this may violate the relevant laws and regulations. Frank said the local housing construction sector is more stringent, and the rich households have been reported to the habit of illegal neighbors, so Trump "quietly" the possibility of construction is minimal. "They should only change the door handle, but also should be approved by me," he said. For example, during the wedding of Trump's son, some neighbors told the authorities that Trump could violate the guests' accommodation in the poolside. According to Xinhua News Agency

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