The woman slipped into the hotel to wash the "tyrant" was caught after the provincial water fee

Where all had had four times into the hotel room bath
In Anhui Province on the news of women's rent for the province, sneaked into Hefei, a number of hotel chain, take advantage of the guests check out the room slip into the room toilets bath. Reporter learned from the Baohe police interview was informed that the afternoon of 5, the provincial capital Ma On Shan Road GreenTree Inn Hotel Ms. Ms. alarm for help, said the hotel cleaning staff found the room just retired locked, may be into the thief. Police and hotel foreman scene with a key to open the door to find the room, the bathroom has a young woman is humming the song bath. It is understood that this woman is not a guest, to the room "rub bath" has been a number of times. Sun Hong (a pseudonym) is the Ma On Shan Road GreenTree Inn hotel cleaning staff. 5 o'clock on the 5th, the hotel on the 5th floor of the guest room guests check out, Sun Hong went to the room cleaning, but found the room door was locked. Sun Hong to the front desk staff to reflect the room that guests did not. Why is the door locked, whether into the thief? Think this thing strange, the hotel manager Ms. daughter reported the police. Area police station and the hotel foreman came to the door, found the room came "rushing" sound of water and singing. Hotel foreman with a key to open the door, surprised to find a young woman is bathing in the bathroom. Ms. Ms. took a closer look, this woman is not a guest, but recently slipped into the hotel room bathing "rub girl". In the area police station, the young woman claimed to surname, 27 years old, Huainan people. Ms. said that all the previous 4 times have been slipped into the hotel room bath, "before we endured no alarm, because the woman argued that his internal emergency, the urgent solution to the way to take a bath." Ms. said that the woman Now the behavior seems to be some accustomed to, take the hotel when their own bathhouse, the shop to take into account their own property safety and safety of guests, only the police. In this regard, where a certain not denied repeatedly slipped into the hotel "rub bath" behavior, said the GreenTree Inn Hotel is only her repeated "rub bath" in a hotel. "I rent a house can take a bath, but not for the provincial water costs Well. Outside the bath and expensive, so I think of slipped into the hotel room bath, and then take advantage of people do not slip out." Where a certain say. At present, the area police are to further deal with the matter.

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